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Working Holiday Visa: A Walkthrough For Youth To Fund Their Expenses In Canada

Looking to travel to Canada and fund your expenses at the same time? International Experience Canada is just the program for youth to leverage their travel with up to two years of Canadian work experience. It enables them to avail a temporary work permit which sanctions a legal stay and work opportunity within Canada.

Overview of IEC

There are about 30 countries that have collaborated with the Canadian Government for the IEC Program under the Bilateral Youth Mobility Agreement. So before a candidate applies, they need to check whether their country of origin has partnered with Canada. Even if a candidate doesn’t belong to a partner country, they can contact a recognized organization and plan their trip through them. The program is divided into three categories that cater to different work and travel backgrounds. These are:

  • Working Holiday (For those who do not have a job offer in Canada)
  • Young Professionals (For those who have a paid job offer in Canada that contributes to professional development)
  • International Co-Op (For those who have a work placement or internship offer in Canada)

One may fit one or more of the different categories of IEC and may apply accordingly.

Working Holiday Visa Under IEC Program

This blog focuses on Working Holiday Visa. It is a type of open work permit that allows an individual to work under any eligible employer in Canada who fulfills and complies with the conditions stipulated by the Canadian government to hire workers.

The Target Candidates for Working Holiday Visa

This category is tailor-made for those who:

  • Would like to fund their travel to Canada
  • Haven’t received a Canadian Job Offer
  • Wish to work for multiple employers
  • Want to gain work experience in multiple locations

Who is eligible for a Working Holiday Visa?

Eligibility demands that a candidate must:

  • Be a citizen of a partner country included in the list of collaborating countries with regards to IEC.
  • Possess a passport that is valid for the entire duration of prospective stay in Canada.
  • Be aged between 18-30 (35). The upper age limit varies for different partner countries.
  • Have at least CAD$2,500 to cover costs
  • Have health insurance
  • Be admissible in Canada under the stipulated Immigration guidelines
  • Have a round-trip ticket or financial backing to fund a return ticket from Canada.

How long is it valid for?

Your country of origin will decide the time-period during which an IEC visa stands valid which may vary between 12 to 24 months.

What is the process involved?

Candidates are chosen at random at regular intervals until all positions for the year are filled. Here is the process that ensues for the IEC program subject to relevant fees.

Create a profile: A candidate must notify Canadian Authorities of their intention to apply for a working holiday visa by creating and submitting an International Experience Canada profile on the IRCC website. They need to choose a pool(s) that applies specifically to them.

Get Invited to Apply: Applicants who qualify will be invited to proceed with their work permit application. While an applicant waits for an invitation to apply (ITA), all supporting documents are expected to be put in order in the meanwhile.

Accept or Decline the Invitation: A candidate has 10 days to accept or decline the invitation. In case the candidate declines, they will be eligible to go back into the pool and apply for a subsequent invitation. However, if the 10 day period runs out without answering the invitation, a candidates’ name is removed from the pool.

Processing Time: Once an ITA is accepted, a candidate has a 20 day period to submit the complete application and upload all supporting documents. It takes around 50 days from the date of submission to process the application. The authorities may ask for biometrics or additional documents during the entire process of submitting an IEC application. The pandemic era, however, has affected a delay in processing time and delay in determining the accuracy of the time-period involved is warranted.

What happens after approval or refusal of a Working Holiday Visa Application?

In case of approval, the IRCC will issue a port-of-entry letter to the candidate's account which will be required at arrival in Canada. However, approval does not guarantee that the candidate will get a work permit. A candidate can avail of a work permit if he candidate is able to furnish all necessary documents on arrival.

In case of refusal, a letter of explanation is issued to the candidate’s account.

Can dependants accompany a Working Holiday Visa Candidate?

The IEC program does not facilitate the option of dependents accompanying a candidate in the same application. However, a dependent's application will be processed separately from the candidate if they apply to come to Canada to visit, study, or work.

A Word of Caution

The success of an application rides on the eligibility of a candidate, the specific rules which differ with every partner country and availability. The following pointers need to be considered:

  • Depending on your country of origin, a candidate may participate once or even twice in different pools. Even if an ITA is received, a candidate is allowed to participate only as many times as their country of origin allows.
  • A candidate may have only one IEC profile at a time. However, they may be eligible for more than two IEC pools.
  • The order in which the ITA is issued is 1) International Co-Op; 2) Young Professionals; and 3) Working Holiday. Therefore, if a candidate is in two pools i.e. Young Professionals and Working Holiday, they will first receive an ITA for young professionals. If there is no spot left under the Young Professionals category, they will receive an ITA for Working Holiday Visa.
  • A candidate is not eligible for a fee refund under the Canadian Service Fees Act if the application is submitted between October 22, 2021, and March 31, 2022.

Given the factors that vary with each partner country and eligibility, it is crucial to double-check to determine whether a candidate is eligible for the IEC program and under which category.

Wrapping Up

The Working Holiday Visa remains one of the most efficient pathways for youths for a zestful journey to Canada while they work to augment their financial ability and independence.

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