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High Demand Careers in Canada

When you are spending hours thinking about your GPA or spending a large amount on a graduate diploma, it is apparent that you’d want to know if there is a light at the end of the gruelling study tunnel.

Career prospects are something every individual has spent a considerable amount of time pondering over.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of career misinformation flooding the internet. That is the exact reason why we are presenting a list of the most in-demand careers in Canada so that you can plan your career from the very beginning.

This blog discusses the careers that are in demand presently.

  • Information Technology Specialists

    Information Technology is one career that probably won’t see a significant dip even in the next few years. The pandemic has encouraged the world to understand that much of the work can be conducted from remote locations. It also means that network engineers, and support specialists are vital elements of the entire economic system.

    IT development and support specialists are in high demand as more people connect through Zoom calls and offline meetings. Support desk specialists help troubleshoot issues related to connectivity so that production is not hampered. It is predicted that these jobs will not be impacted even after the pandemic eases.

  • Web and Mobile Application Developers

    Mobile and web application developers are in demand as the need to conduct business, shopping and learning online has become the norm. Spurred by the pandemic, many companies have started looking at having an online social presence for their businesses. Therefore, web and mobile application developers are seeking to design and develop user-friendly, responsive, and informative digital products that will provide customers with a convenient way of buying.

  • Registered Nurses

    Canada’s healthcare system is always on the lookout for skilled and qualified nurses and pharmacists. Registered nurses are always in demand, especially in a time when the pandemic is upon the world. The pandemic has further shed light on the fact that there is an acute shortage of nurses which might amplify further over the next few years.

    Job opportunities for a registered nurse consist of ER nurses, NICU nurses, public health workers, private duty nurses, health care support and registered psychiatric nurse are some of the more lucrative opportunities available for nurses.

  • Education Workers

    Education workers are also consistently high in demand, and this requirement has increased over the past couple of years. The pandemic has also forced many working parents to quit their jobs as they couldn’t afford child-care expenses, especially affordable early education for their children. To help working individuals get back to their careers, the government is planning to invest billions of dollars in providing affordable, quality and accessible early education for children.

  • Logistics and Transportation Managers

    The online shopping trend has seen a huge upward spike due to the pandemic and the forced stay-at-home status of the public. Since online shopping started happening in a big way, the need for reliable and licensed transportation managers has also increased. Every business that delivers services and products to customers through door-step delivery services requires a sizable transportation workforce.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the most trending and high-demand careers in Canada considering present situations. These trends are predicted to continue even past the pandemic. While the pandemic has impactedmany businesses, it has opened up many opportunities for others – especially start-ups and those adapting to the changed employment ecosystem.

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