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Learn About Nursing Career In Canada

The healthcare system of Canada depends on its qualified Registered Nurses (RNs). Nurses usually become the face of medical service as they interact with patients and caregivers more than the doctors. Thanks to Canada’s robust healthcare system, it has become one of the leading choices for international students and nurses to pursue their nursing careers.

Before choosing a nursing career, you must research this profession and learn about the endless opportunities it brings. You should know that along with hospitals, nurses work in care homes, clinics, research centres, rehabilitation centres, and correctional institutions. The salaries of nurses depend primarily on their experience and specialization.

Why Nursing in Canada?

Nursing is one of the top preferred subjects of temporary foreign workers.

Superior Quality of Education in Canada

Canada’s education programs are globally recognized as they provide sufficient theoretical and practical hands-on experience to nursing students. Moreover, some courses also offer industrial working internships to train nurses in all aspects of their job.

Attractive Job Prospects

The nursing job market in Canada is highly lucrative as it provides ample job opportunities for qualified practical nurses, specialty nurses, and registered nurses. Canadian nurses also enjoy a generous starting salary package, in addition to yearly increments, health coverage, and childcare facilities for nurses working at odd hours.

Job Security

A variety of unions and organizations protect the registered nurses in Canada. Besides, once the nurses get employed, they also enjoy pension contributions – keeping their future safe. Nursing Programs – Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria to Enter Nursing Courses

Let’s look at the eligibility criteria for students seeking entry into nursing courses.

Criteria for BSc Nursing Program

An undergraduate diploma or program in Canada requires students to have completed high school, scoring at least a C grade in Math, English, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. In case students don’t qualify for these grades, some institutions offer pre-nursing courses to such students.

Criteria for MSc and PG Nursing Program

To qualify for MSc in Nursing, students should have secured at least a B grade in their Bachelor’s Degree or scored 70 – 76% in their exams. To be eligible for PG Diploma in Nursing, students need to achieve a minimum of 60 – 65% in the Bachelor’s examinations.

For international students

  • - a TOEFL score of 88 and above,
  • - an IELTS score of 6.5 and above and,
  • - a PTE score of 59 and above is mandatory.

Registering for International Nursing Graduates to Work in Canada

Although you might have the training and the experience working as an international nurse, you would still need to become licensed to practice in Canada.

Apply with NNAS

If you seek nursing jobs in Canada, the first step should be to register yourself with the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS). You can register as a Registered Nurse, Registered Psychiatric Nurse, or a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Choose your Choice of Nursing Practice

After applying, you should choose the field of practice you would like to be assessed on.

Pass the Written Exams

Once you have been approved by the regulating body that you are eligible to write examinations, you will be required to pass two nursing exams – the National Nursing Exam and the Nursing Jurisprudence Exam.

Once you have aced the exam, you will be eligible to work as an entry-level RN in Canada.

Improve English Proficiency

One of the major requirements to qualify as a registered nurse is to prove proficiency in English or French. Required marks in IELTS or CELBAN are considered as proof of language proficiency.

Wrapping Up

International students seeking nursing jobs or who wish to pursue nursing education will find immense growth opportunities in Canada. It is essential to learn about the different nursing programs available to international students, the eligibility criteria, and the mandatory exams to be passed.

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